Postcard ‘Twins’:

Some of the following samples may belong to the previous described ‘Publisher Tricks’ type. Many other pairs, or as I tend to call them ‘Postcard Twins’, have an ordinary background. I have put together following main categories:

The same postcard design/view Art reproduction etc was published by another firm. It may be done in a different process and colours, same size or other. In some cases the reprint may be a illegal one, means without permission. These cards usually show not publisher imprint.

A publisher reprints one of his previously published card with only some minor changes, eg. removing or adding people, houses or other minor parts of the image.

The identical view was published with a different caption / in a other language. The card bears the same or a new number.

If you have other “Twins” please let me know. – A Special Thank You goes to Dutch collector Oene Klijnsma for kindly providing some of cards illustrated!

> Girl in Frisian national custome. The same image by two different publ./printers. Chromolitho. Left card by Meissner & Buch, Leipzig, series 2556- The other by unknown German firm, card no. 3777. Steel-engraved birthday greetings added. None p/u.


Flemish Milkwoman with Dog cart. Publ.: Ern. Thill, collotype printing by Nels, both from Brussels, Belgium. Identical view, except minor printing quality differences which might result of the different card used. The left view with caption in Flemish, the other in French (according the two languages spoken in Belgium). The French caption card p/u as German fieldpost in March 1915.

W_Strutt_Peace_coloured_version W_Strutt_Peace_monochrome_version

‘Peace’ - after a painting by W. Strutt. The coloured (halftone) card was published as no. 166 by Hanfstaengel, Munich. Not p/u bur with message dated Dec. 1924. The monochrome (collotype) card comes from an unknown firm in Poland. Card no. 2762, not p/u with UPU imprint. Caption reads ‘Zwiastun popoju’ which I guess is a title description.


Fec. (done by) Ch. Scoli H. Wien VIII. reads the small caption at bottom of the coloured card. Hand coloured photo card (after a painting?). P/u in France 1903. The same (Roman style?) dressed women turn up in monochrome red halftone printing (taken from the Austrian card left). The Caption reads: Greetings from Kypros! I have not yet found out what this means. The card was distributed together with a publication named ‘Flirt’, published at Berlin SW12. P/u in late 1903. An interesting pair of cards.

Nice_Promenade_du_Midi_card_41 Nice_Promenade_du_Midi_card_507

Nice. Promenade du Midi. Published / photographed by local ‘Edition Giletta’. Both cards not p/u, undivided back. Collotype printed. The left card bears number 41 and the re-issue no. 507. The (ordinary) man seen on the earlier card at lower left corner was removed. Probably he did not fit into the group of elegant strollers, or to allow sender some writing space. Perhaps both conjectures are correct.

Amag_card2797_Dutch_imprint Amag_card2797_French_imprint

Albrecht & Meister (Amag) card 2797. New Years greetings, lithography, the left with imprint in Dutch (p/u 1932) and the other in French language. This is not the only twins card sample of Amag using the mirror-image idea. But the first with captions in different languages but identical card number. Usually the Amag people at Berlin used individual numbers for mirror-image issues (eg. no. 1603 and 0118). Now a number of additional Amag-Twins have been discovered. Many with identical number. The answer to this mirror image card finds is most likely a technical one. The earlier issues being printed by litho process (direct printing), later reprints then done by offset, which is an indirect printing process. When using the same (old) negatives (to save time and costs) it would be a possible answer. An article on this topic incl. other samples is found in TPA issue 27.

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