TPA issue 30  40 pages A4 size in FULL COLOUR !!

Major features of the latest issue:

‘Masonic Code’ article follow up • Wezel & Naumann, Leipzig, Saxony. Comprehensive company history of this once huge printing company including other firms involved (eg. Tuck’s) • Russian postcards printed in Germany during WW1  • Myrtle Elvyn. An American Concert Pianist • Little known postcard printer E. Bensch jun., Magdeburg • A detailed look at the so-called Brushstroke Postcards and their publishers • Erotic/Dirty Postcards? Painting versus Photography • Who was the illustrator Salac? • more of interest to the (research-minded) collector of old picture postcards. See for yourself!

TPA 30_cover

TPA issue 29  40 pages A4 size in FULL COLOUR !!

In this issue:

Publisher Axel Eliassons, Sweden • The Esmeralda Sisters • Real photo card publishers/printers Georg Gerlach & Co., Berlin / Photochemie company • Emil Pinkau’s “Freemason Code” on postcards  • Otto Schloss, Berlin, research project on a major German greeting cards factory • WW1 postcards • The “BL” logo case • Little-known postcard printer Heiss & Co, Cologne • A story on Georg Stilke, Berlin/Hamburg, publishers and postcard retailers • Trademarks identified • Book/publication reviews • and much more.


TPA issue 28  40 pages A4 size in FULL COLOUR

In this issue:

The Rotograph Co., New York + Knackstedt & Naether, Hamburg + NPG, Berlin • Helgoland / Heligoland • Russia: Tver in old postcards • WW1 postcards in “colour after nature” • A visit to the former Paul Finkenrath, Berlin (PFB), factory in 2013  • Little-known (postcard) printing company Max Breslauer, Leipzig, Saxony • Gebr. Obpacher, Munich, and the so-called “Winsch-back” cards • Paul Suess • Chromolithography: a rare set of postcard proof prints • Aristophot, Taucha/Leipzig • Trademarks identified and more of interest to collector of old picture postcards.

TPA 28_cover

TPA issue 27  40 pages A4 size in FULL COLOUR

In this issue:

Reinicke & Rubin / H. Rubin & Co., Magdeburg/Dresden research puzzle. Includes information on several other German postcard printers • Guggenheim & Co., Zurich, Switzerland • Doeberitz: military training area / POW camp / Olympic Village • Dr. Trenkler & Co., Leipzig, postcard codes of the 1920’s • Hermann Wolff, Berlin (HWB)  • More on Knackstedt & Naether and follow-up company Knackstedt & Co., Hamburg • ”Postcard Twins” • Handpainted postcards by regular publishers • A Printing Sample Card Flop • Trademarks identified • and much more.


TPA issue 26  40 pages A4 size in FULL COLOUR

In this issue:

A visit to Egypt in 1906. A well illustrated contemporary article by a British gentleman • Egyptian ppc publishers Lichtenstern & Harari / The Cairo Postcard Trust • Hans Wiesner & Co., Berlin • Comprehensive article on gramophone and especially WECO brand cards • Company history of Martin Schlesinger, Berlin  • Early British postcards by Swiss Kuenzli Bros • Chester • Mimosa AG, Dresden • Reviews • Trademarks identified • and other research as well as general postcard matters


TPA issue 25  40 pages A4 size in FULL COLOUR

In this issue:

Finkenrath & Grasnick + successor Paul Finkenrath, Berlin (PFB) company history covers 8 pages alone • J. Miesler, Berlin • A. Sala, Berlin • “Printed in Bavaria” - Old postcard printers and publisher from Munich • Postcards from the 1950-1960’s • Whitsun cards  • T. Stroefer, Nuremberg • Missionary Cards • ”Much Room for Interpretation” (different designed comic cards) • Trademarks identified • other research-related and general postcard matters.



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